Sorry it has taken me so long to send you this email. We got back from the honeymoon, moved to a new apartment and have been busy getting settled in ever since. We are loving married life though and even got our DVD yesterday with all our pictures. We relived the whole night again last night watching the DVD.

I just wanted to tell you that we had an absolute blast on May 10th and you had a very large part in that. The music you played was amazing! I could not have asked for a better playlist! It was exactly what we wanted. And the fact that you played 4 more songs after the night was over as my guests kept requesting songs and chanting “One more song!” is a true testament to how great you are! We really appreciated it! The sound system was perfect!

Also, thanks so much for the up-lighting! You did an awesome job with that, and it was the perfect touch!

All in all, you were the exactly the DJ we wanted for the night, and in such a difficult venue, the sound was heard so well throughout the open area.

I can’t tell you how many people came up to us and said, “Wow your DJ was great!!” You know we loved the music when we spent the entire night on the dance floor. I feel bad because I didn’t even talk to some of our guests because I never wanted to leave the dance floor. I kept thinking, “After this song, I will go talk to people, but then you would play an even better song, and I couldn’t leave! That is exactly how I wanted my wedding to be, though. All our friends on the dance floor, the whole night. It was perfect!

Also, did you say you would have the CD of the sound for the night available? We were looking at the pictures of all the toasts and thinking that we would love to hear the toasts again.

Thanks! Erin and Bill

Erin & BillOld Ebbitt Grill in Washington D.C.