Why Ed?

Discerning couples and their guests expect perfection, not excuses.

Award Winning

Edward Entertainment has won numerous Wedding Wire Awards for being Couple’s and Bride’s Choice. Federal judges, vice presidents, heads of state, and DC’s Elite have enjoyed Edward Entertainment.


Ed has been the provider of tunes to gatherings since the 70’s and bringing the beat to weddings for over a decade. Ed adheres to a strict dress code and personal conduct, your guests will be sure to notice.  He is attentive to detail and executes results for a stress-free wedding events with no surprises.


Cutting edge wireless sound systems by Bose will make any venue sound phenomenal.  All announcements will be loud and clear and without any embarrassing commentary.

Very little equipment, but produce a big sound.

Online Audition

The first three are dance sets from a few years ago.

The last is a trio recorded live during a wedding ceremony.

When I am not working weddings, my hobbies consist of computer repair, music, electronics (I am a gadget nut), and taking pictures. But most of all, I enjoy spending free time with my wife and 15 year old daughter.  She’s an awesome young DJ.
Since the early 70s, it has been my duty to provide music for family functions. Early on, my Mom introduced me to classical as well as 40s through 60s style music.
In the 80s, I enjoyed everything MTV (when it had videos) had to offer. New Wave and those obscure ‘One Hit Wonders’ I enjoyed the most.
Starting in the 90s, my passion for music and family social events seemed like a natural match. That was when I began to DJ professionally.
Finally, around 2002, weddings became my niche. I look forward to each and every wedding. Sharing the the bonding of two families and in some cases, cultures.

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Eat. Drink. Laugh. Boogie. Enjoy.

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