We, and our guests, had a fabulous time. Your music selections were just perfect – honestly, I’ve never seen so many people continuously dancing at a wedding like that, absolutely everybody seemed to get out there and have a great time! Also, thank you for keeping us on schedule and moving us along schedule in a timely matter – it was a great help…

All in all, we were pleased beyond any of our expectations – it was fun, energetic, and “laid back,” just like we’d hoped it would be! We still get comments from our guests about how good of a time they had…

Thank you again for all of your help and in helping to make our day so special. Please feel free to put us down as references, or if you’d like any comments on your website! All the best, Lizzie and Jim

Jim and Elizabeth GrasmederThomas Birkby House - Leesburg, VA

Our guests had a wonderful time, and you’re definitely one to thank for it!
There was one point during the reception where I was dancing with my 20-something year old college friends…I looked to my right to see Alex’s 70-year-old aunts tearing up the dance floor and I looked to my left to see his 3-year-old cousins dancing…I thought to myself “this is a sign of good wedding dance-music! people of all ages are having a good time!” So thank you for that.

You were also very accommodating and it was a nice surprise to have the track with all of the songs and toasts on it!

I would be happy to serve as a reference for other prospective couples, I have nothing but good things to say about you and your services. Thank you again, Yvette

Yvette MillerHilton - Silver Spring, MD

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months since our wedding. All of that planning and it went so fast, but we expected and knew that would happen 😉

As far as the reception, our guests had a fantastic time. The photos we have of folks dancing around us and all of us as a group was amazing. You blended in perfectly to our concept (there, but not the “obnoxious” DJs we have seen at current weddings).

Music selections were wonderful, tasteful and had great flow that kept folks on the dance floor for HOURS (not the up-down effect you get a some/most weddings). We truly could have gone another hour and it would have been as packed on the dance floor at 11:30p as it was at 8:30p. We had an awesome time and people still tell us they had an amazing time!

Nicole MarkoDulles Hyatt - Herndon, VA

Hi Ed, Yes, the guests definitely had a great time. We’ve received multiple comments from guests about how good the music selection was and how well it was all executed.

For Paul and I, having interacted with you through the process, we were totally thrilled with everything. You did a great job of taking the musical style and song suggestions that we talked about and creating a vibe for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing music that were exactly what we were looking for!

We also really like having the recordings of the event – especially the ceremony and toasts. Those moments were so special and it’s great that we’ll be able to go back and listen to them and re-live them again and again for years to come. I’m sure they’ll be cherished as much as the wedding photos.

We would absolutely be more than happy to serve as a reference to any prospective clients! Thank you so much again for all you did to help make our day so perfect!


Amy and Paul StoneHistoric Londontown and Gardens - Edgewater, MD

Ed Witles, “The Elegant DJ,” did an extraordinary job as the DJ at my daughter Kaitlyn’s wedding reception. I would highly recommend using Ed at any occasion where a very professional, very organized individual who knows his craft extremely well is needed to enhance the celebration.

Not only did Ed make the music portion of the reception absolutely wonderful, he was very easy to work with throughout the entire process, and was very accommodating, friendly, and helpful. Ed was helpful and accommodating throughout the planning process not only to the bride and groom, but to the parents and hotel venue as well; this was particularly important in our case, as we all live in different states, hundred of miles away from each other, and from the wedding site, so Ed’s assistance was extremely appreciated.

Kaitlyn and I knew that we did not need to be concerned about the details of the music for the reception – we knew that Ed would handle all introductions, music, timing and details flawlessly, and we were right. We received many compliments on the “mix” of the music, the “level” of the music (people could actually talk above the music – we receive a great many compliments on this), and many general comments that the music was great! If you want a great DJ – get Ed Witles!

Marilyn KonickyMother of the BrideHay-Adams - Washington, D.C.